What is American Roulette?

What is American Roulette?

American roulette is a standard variant of the popular classic – albeit one that is not as widespread in Europe as it is in other parts of the world. There are certainly similarities between the rules of the game. However, American Roulette, as it is also known, has its own concept.

With the double zero, for example, the house secures an additional advantage. It is important to know this, because it automatically reduces the basic chances that you have as a player. American roulette is by the way the fastest classic version that there is in the live casino. That is why it is often offered with a racetrack, a race track for faster use to click the following page.

What are the differences to the normal version?

In addition to the double zero, there are many other factors in which American roulette differs from French or European roulette. The tableau is set up differently, and the order of the numbers in the cauldron will surprise you. The deployment options are also different from what you know from the European versions.

Special features

If you bet on single chances, dozens or columns, you will keep the same winnings with American Roulette as with the French alternative. Nevertheless, there is a significantly higher house edge, which means that the overall profit expectation for the individual player is 94.34%. However, the double zero can also be an advantage. This is because it allows you to bet on 5 numbers rarely. You choose the token as before. Even with Live American Roulette, bets are made virtually, but the game as such takes place on a real table, which in turn is looked after by the real dealer. The speed of the game is typical of American roulette, which is why the variant is preferred by experienced players.


  • Play whenever you want
  • Real live croupiers at real tables
  • Little investment required
  • Only regulated and licensed providers
  • Mobile tables available
  • No dress code requirements

Play American Roulette for Free

If you feel like trying out American Roulette without putting money into your hand, then you’ve come to the right place. Neither a deposit nor a registration are required for this. Of course, you can also play roulette in the casinos tested on American Roulette website.